57 Days Abroad

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Day 37. Two tickets to Arica, One to Santiago

Day 37. Today we got up knowing we could continue staying at my uncle’s place or we could move on. It came down to a matter of when and where we could get transportation to Bolivia. Some people were saying buses and trains only went on certain days. We decided it’d be best to go […]

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Day 36. I think We Just GTL’ed

Day 36. It’s nice to wake up, walk outside and see the ocean. That’s what’s Antofagasta is about. The coast is lined with rocky shores but they do have an artificial beach. The city is still growing and becoming more commercialized with malls and big shopping centers. Once everyone was all ready, we walked to […]

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Day 35. Antofagasta 17 hours Later

Day 35. The road north of Santiago to Antofagasta is basically all desert and non-scenic and that’s what we saw for 1,315 kilometers when we weren’t sleeping. The guy I sat next to said it was the biggest dessert in the Americas. At brief points, the Pacific Coast was visible but that was rare. Along […]

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