57 Days Abroad

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Day 56. Bajo Martinez y The Last Supper

Day 56. Being our last real day in Buenos Aires, we planned on getting up early’ish to finish up everything and to check out some sites. The bags were nearly packed and the apartment was more or less cleaned. About 2pm, we finally left our place to meet up with some friends out of the […]

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Day 55. Party Buenos Aires Style

Day 55. Today we finally got to tour the branch here in Buenos Aires. We got up early and where at the location by 8:15am. We toured three different buildings and finished up around noon. Getting back to the house, we started the intial packing and cleaning up of our belongings. We stayed at the […]

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Day 53. Pizza y Asado For Dinner y Supper

Day 53. Started out by doing some laundry before meeting. The weather was rainy  with no signs of skies clearing up. We went to meeting in a taxi to try and avoid getting soaked (two of our three umbrellas were stolen). After meeting we got invited to a friend’s house for some pizza. Once we […]

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Day 16. They Don’t Drive with Their Lights On

Day 16. Woke up to 4 alarms today—each separated by the press of the snooze button. The night before was a late one, due to all the catching up on the blog and work-related tasks. Thankfully, everything did get caught up. After our workout today, we stopped by Jumbo Palermo Commercial Center to do our […]

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