57 Days Abroad

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Day 44. Miss You Cochabamba (& the Salteñas)

Day 44. Third day in Cochabamba and the second day we’ve gone running in the morning. Today we actually jogged to the gym, which surprisingly was decent and organized. After destroying our chest and triceps, we left to get some breakfast at home. Our next destination was Santa Cruz, Bolivia. We decided to only go […]

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Day 43. You’ll Eat A Lot in Cochabamba

Day 43. Woke up today to a beautiful view and then my alarm clock. We had plans today to visit my other grandma (my dad’s mom) in the morning. So we got up a little early to go running and break a sweat before our appointment. The altitude seems to affect us here, as we […]

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Day 42. Bloqueos (Roadblocks) entre La Paz y Cochabamba

Day 42. Possibly one of the craziest experiences of my life was today. I don’t believe I have ever done something so drastic with such uncertainty. I’ll explain… At 4am this morning, our bus driver pulled over on the side of the road. Next he turned off the bus. We were 2 hours away from […]

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