57 Days Abroad

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Day 19. Cliché Alert: When it Rains, it Pours

Day 19. Day started out pretty mediocre. Worked, worked-out, and traveled our way to the meeting. However, about that time, things got a bit out of control. So we met up with some friends before the meeting to get a coffee and something to eat. There was about 9 of us at the table talking […]

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Day 6. Metros Are the New Saunas

Day 6. In the U.S.A. or not, I never look up the forecast for the weather. Consequently, I was surprised when I woke up and saw that it was raining outside. It wasn’t heavy rain but it lasted for a few hours. It did make the jog to the gym a nice and cool though. […]

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Day 1. Not Tourists, Just Living Here for Two Months

Day 1. Epic day today. After about an hour of sleep on the connect flight from Bogota, Columbia, we landed in the Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini (EZE) International Airport. The time was 6:05 am. None of our prior research on Argentina mentioned monetary requirements for a tourist visa. To our surprise, the Argentinean government issued […]

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