57 Days Abroad

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Day 51. Palermo es el Mejor Barrio

Day 51. After hitting up the internet cafe, it was time to do something outside. It was Friday, the sun was out and everyone was getting off work and school. We went to the parks that our near our house and brought the soccer ball. We kicked and juggled the ball for while, every now […]

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Day 48. Time to Disfrutar

Day 48. Needless to say, today was not the greatest of feelings waking up. We lost a lot yesterday, stuff that can´t be bought again. It´s not worthwhile to think of “What If” scenerios but rather think about the lessons to be learned. Thankgoodness a lot of the work I do is backed up online […]

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Day 19. Cliché Alert: When it Rains, it Pours

Day 19. Day started out pretty mediocre. Worked, worked-out, and traveled our way to the meeting. However, about that time, things got a bit out of control. So we met up with some friends before the meeting to get a coffee and something to eat. There was about 9 of us at the table talking […]

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Day 3. No More Leather or Tango Offers Por Favor

Day 3. The day started off later than desired. We had an appointment to fulfill downtown and we were pushing the target time. We hopped in a taxi and expected the worst. As we figured, the tour bus was nowhere to be seen and we were 15 minutes late. Off to a bad start. With […]

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