57 Days Abroad

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Day 26. No More Rain Please

Day 26. The overcast morning sky turned into rain by noon o’clock. The rain started to drop heavy and fast. We thought for sure our street/barrio would be flooded again. It rained for a couple hours but fortunately, did not rain enough to cause flooding that we we’ve seen before. Due to the rain, our […]

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Day 19. Cliché Alert: When it Rains, it Pours

Day 19. Day started out pretty mediocre. Worked, worked-out, and traveled our way to the meeting. However, about that time, things got a bit out of control. So we met up with some friends before the meeting to get a coffee and something to eat. There was about 9 of us at the table talking […]

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Day 7. Rain or Shine, We Find the Party

Day 7. Woke up to noises…reminding me of an episode of some old ladies talking. Then I realized it was just the rain hitting our balcony. I fell back asleep only to receive some notification on my iPhone (iPhone has WiFi) that made me get up. It was a lazy morning…with little incentive to being […]

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