57 Days Abroad

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Day 18. Plan BA

Day 18. Finally got to sleep in a bit—it was well needed. We had the meeting at 1pm today so that was our first obligation. We hopped in a taxi and arrived to the front door of the hall for 18 pesos. Definitely not the best deal when the metro is 1.10 pesos per person […]

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Day 11. It Could be Worse

Day 11. Woke up early today—8:30am. We’ve only been up that early twice since we’ve been in Buenos Aires. (The other time was because when we arrived to BA from Miami 11 days ago, it was 7:30am.) We had a meeting to catch this morning at 10:00am. Fortunately, we arrived early enough to grab a […]

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Day 2. WiFi Should Never be Forsaken

Day 2. I woke up to the hot sun shining on my face. The room was bright but that was alright. I purposely chose to sleep by the balcony and large window to insure that I won’t be able to sleep in. Call that crazy but this trip isn’t about sleeping or R&R, it’s about […]

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