57 Days Abroad

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Day 10. The Day We Turned Off the A/C (for 2 hrs)

Day 10. I still haven’t bothered to check the weekly forecast for Buenos Aires but I’m finding it odd that it’s been overcast and rainy for a few days now. With a drizzle in the air, no sun shine and an A/C unit that has yet to be turned off for the past 9 days, […]

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Day 3. No More Leather or Tango Offers Por Favor

Day 3. The day started off later than desired. We had an appointment to fulfill downtown and we were pushing the target time. We hopped in a taxi and expected the worst. As we figured, the tour bus was nowhere to be seen and we were 15 minutes late. Off to a bad start. With […]

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Day 2. WiFi Should Never be Forsaken

Day 2. I woke up to the hot sun shining on my face. The room was bright but that was alright. I purposely chose to sleep by the balcony and large window to insure that I won’t be able to sleep in. Call that crazy but this trip isn’t about sleeping or R&R, it’s about […]

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