57 Days Abroad

Day 1. Not Tourists, Just Living Here for Two Months

Day 1.

Epic day today. After about an hour of sleep on the connect flight from Bogota, Columbia, we landed in the Buenos Aires Ministro Pistarini (EZE) International Airport. The time was 6:05 am.

None of our prior research on Argentina mentioned monetary requirements for a tourist visa. To our surprise, the Argentinean government issued a $134 charge for obtaining a tourist visa as of the end of December, 2009—poo! Already $134 down, we expected for the airline to have lost our bags or at least to have jacked our valuables.  Fortunately, all bags arrived and all my plastic ties I put on my check-in-bag were still intact—indicating no stolen goods. On to the next step, we found our taxi ride and were on our way to the Palermo barrio.

Arriving to the apartment a little behind schedule, we met a local property manager at the door. He didn’t have the keys to let us in our apartment but he at least let us leave our luggage in his storage so we could grab a quick breakfast. Upon our return to the apartment, we found Ezekiel who had the keys and contract for our two month stay.

After riding the 1-2 person elevator (with 3 people plus luggage) to our floor, we were stoked to see the apartment in-person since we had only seen it in pictures before.  The apartment is well lit with light floors and white walls and furniture.  We have a balcony, (weak) A/C, stereo, printer and cable internet—perfect. Above the eight stories of our apartment is a community terrace where we can BBQ and most definitely get our tan-on (part of the GTL* daily mission).

With all our luggage’s emptied and clothes put away, we headed to the streets. We live in a bustling part of the Palermo district. Two blocks away from Santa Fe Avenue, we have a Zoo, parks and other attractions in our hood. After completing a few errands, we decided to get a sampler of the cooked meats from a local restaurant. The verdict on the carnes was delish, however, the intestines could have been left out.

Returning to the apartment after an already long day of walking, talking, and discovering, we all went to the apartment and about fell over due to our tired state. A few hours later, we awoke as we were expecting a visit from our landlord. The landlord needed to drop off two extra sets of keys and bed sheets. Well, the landlord did not arrive as scheduled so we took to the streets again.

On our to-do-list, we needed to find an extra bed/mattress/foam. So, when we stumbled upon a furniture store a few blocks from our apartment, we were relieved to find an affordable mattress foam thing that would now make three separate beds for our apartment. After walking the mattress home, we also met the landlord who provided the requested items—so it worked out great.

With the sleeping situation covered, we went back out to the streets with the goal to find and use the underground metro. A metro pass costs 1,10 centavos (about 29 cents) and the metro closes at 11pm. Some nice encounters with a few locals made the night complete. We headed home, arriving at about 11:30 pm and then I proceeded to write this post.

As a personal goal for myself, I want to write every day on my travels and post my writings, photos and videos. Our two month duration might seem like a long time but I know it will fly by. As such, I want to try to document as much as possible and capture my experience digitally.

*GTL – Gym, Tan, Laundry. (Guido style)


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