57 Days Abroad

Day 2. WiFi Should Never be Forsaken

Day 2.

I woke up to the hot sun shining on my face. The room was bright but that was alright. I purposely chose to sleep by the balcony and large window to insure that I won’t be able to sleep in. Call that crazy but this trip isn’t about sleeping or R&R, it’s about getting stuff done. So although I finally fell asleep last night after 4am (because I was writing my entry for yesterday and finishing up the format of my blog), I woke up at 8:30am. We had our morning already planned.

As we’re trying to get our fitness on daily, we plan on running every morning followed by working out. Today was the first day we ran. On our morning jog this morning, we also found the gym that we will be joining tomorrow. We jogged through our neighborhood and turned many heads to say the least. It’ll be cool/interesting/funny once we develop a reputation/presence in our barrio. After our run, we stopped by our breakfast spot, Delicity (Google Map: http://bit.ly/Delicity) and had ourselves some empanadas and café con leche.

After cleaning up, we headed out for downtown and hopped on the metro. We took the Green line to the Red Line and got out at the Florida exit. Florida street/district is the major tourist spot filled with shops, restaurants and performers. It was an overload—in a good way. Florida is section in the city that demands time and additional visits to fully appreciate its value. Just going to Florida and people-watching would be entertaining for hours. In my opinion, the Florida strip was a combination of Las Ramblas, Barcelona and the major strip walking tourist strip in Istanbul, Turkey—it was bustling/vivacious/lively mixed with narrow walking-only streets.

One of the tasks/activities we wanted to knock out early in the trip was a bus tour of the city. A bus tour, although very cliché/touristy, is a great way and probably the fastest way to learn the city and major attractions. I was disappointed I did not do a bus tour of Barcelona when I did my study abroad because I spent the next 6 months learning and discovering the city on my own, which is cool but way too long. The bus tour guide mistakened us for Brazilians so we were given the discounted price at $75 pesos versus the USAmerican rate of $130 pesos—suckas! Osualdo, our Chilean tour guide, turned out to be very cool as he gave us a more personable tour and answered all our questions. We saw part one of the BA bus tour, in which we were shown the San Telmo, La Boca, Monserrat and Puerto Madero districts.  La Boca district was very awesome with Tango dancers, multi-painted houses and just a very cultured/historical atmosphere—the pictures/videos will have to provide the justice. Puerto Madero is the port is where we’ll depart from once we go to Montevideo, Uruguay. The tour ended at about 5:30pm but it will commence again tomorrow to see the north part of BA.

On our way back home, we bought a wireless router for our apartment. The wireless router that I originally brought from the USA got burnt/ruined due to a faulty transformer 220volts-to-110volts.  Then we got our first batch of groceries and laundry detergent.

We dropped the stuff at the apartment and I was exhausted. I quickly fell asleep in a most uncomfortable position. Nonetheless, the 2 hour nap gave me the rest I needed.  Then I proceeded to start writing this post. Tonight is Friday night so we’ll see what our neighborhood offers us tonight.


    So??? What do you think? Amazing city isn’t it? Go visit Recolleta area. Drink lots of Malbec.

  • It keeps getting better and better the more we discover. The bus tour showed us some real great parks and spots that we’ll be visiting frequently. Our house is located in an amazing spot… Yeah, we will definitely be trying the different malbec’s and Yerba matés

  • Tomas mate ahora ? jajajajja

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