57 Days Abroad

Day 4. Worst Part of BA is the Elevator Ride

Day 4.

Waking up to an overcast sky makes it a tad bit difficult to get up. Regardless, we had a morning-run to do. We put our workout gear on and took off to do sprints near Plaza Holanda (Google map: http://bit.ly/bz0g4G).

After a clean-up and a shave, we took off to the San Martin Plaza. We met Daniel, Lucia and a group of others whom we had corresponded with prior to our arrival to Argentina. From there we walked around the plaza and Florida Street.  We ended up having lunch at the nicest Burger King ever constructed on this side of the Continental Divide.

We finished up lunch and went to the English meeting. There, we met many more of the friends from all over—Finland, Czech Republic, China, the U.S. and other parts. In all, there were 68 in attendance. We hit up a nearby café after and socialized more.

One of our bucket-list-items for Buenos Aires was to go to a fútbol (soccer) game. Fittingly enough, we met Pablo, an Argentine, who could get us tickets to the first game of the season, Boca Juniors vs Argentinos Juniors.  We took up his offer and arranged a time to meet him and the rest of the group near the stadium.

With a stack of dirty clothes piling up in the apartment, we finally decided to do a load of laundry. Unfortunately, this process took longer than expected which made us late to heading off to the game. Not only were we late but our taxi driver took us to the opposite side of where we needed to meet. Then we had to go through six police-pat-downs.

From outside the stadium, we could hear the crowd/hooligans going crazy screaming their fútbol club chants. Over 15-20 minutes late with the game about to start, we looked frantically for Pablo. We couldn’t find him or the group and we were worried that we lost our 90 peso tickets. We stepped out and walked a few blocks to another location. Gratefully, we ran into Pablo and the others as they were waiting for us with the tickets…saved!

Walking into the stadium, we were met with blinding lights and an impressive display of true patriotism to the two fútbol teams. It was unreal—people of all ages screaming and waving huge flags of their proper teams.  We were on the Argentinos Juniors side, so we went for them as no huge commitments to any team have been made (although Boca Rivers is looking pretty good). The game was very entertaining from start to finish ending in a tie 2-2. Departing from the stadium for us was majorly delayed as the authorities/police/S.W.A.T. made sure all of the competitor fans had left the stadium first.

Finally we were able to leave the stadium. (FYI the stadium was called El Estadio Diego Armando Maradona because this was the club where Diego Maradona started his career – Google map: http://bit.ly/cQO0SG). We walked with the group to a late night restaurant/bar and we had a beer to top the night off. Today was a great day.

BTW the title, Worst Part of BA is the Elevator Ride, is a result of us three doods riding up the 2-person elevator to our floor after our workout sessions… kinda sweaty.


    Well summarized my friend. As we’ve said before, we keep accidentally raising the bar for tomorrow on this trip. 4 days…lifetime of memories.

  • Loving the blog dude. I’m getting there the day after ya’ll leave. Keep the info coming!

  • Thanks for the comment Joel. It’s something new everyday and we love it.

  • Hi guys–it looks
    like your adventure is off to a wonderful start ! I love your descriptive well written entries. By the by I saw Ryan Cassidy in one of your pics–please tell him hi from me& if
    possible tell him I miss his music compilations we islanders use to get from him:) have a safe trip& a wonderful
    time down there.
    Ciao! Or I guess I should say adios ! Deanna

  • Hi Deanna,
    Thanks for checking out the blog. That’s crazy you know Ryan. I’ll pass on your message to him. Take care!

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