57 Days Abroad

Day 5. Meat Me Halfway

Day 5.

During these early days, we are trying to optimize our body’s/brain’s best productivity hours. Staying up until 4-5am accomplishing tasks seems to be taking precedent, resulting in waking up later than expected. So be it. Currently, I think the 6-hour night-of-sleep diet with a powernap sometime throughout the day is in full effect.

Today was our first day to workout at the gym. The management allowed us to work out today for free, assuming we’ll signup tomorrow. The gym was quite disorganized and hot—like 493° Zelsius! We did an intense workout that shredded my chest off. It’s nice having a personal trainer telling you what to do. Yeah, his name is Bobie Ratliff, you may have heard of him (fitin2shape.com).

On the jog back to our apartment we purchased groceries to cook up our 5pm lunch. Noodles and ground beef was on the menu. Due to the decade old water strainer in the kitchen cabinet that hasn’t ever been washed, we opted not to use the strainer and we were left with some soggy noodles. It was still great and will get better with proper cooking utensils.

After our hearty meal, I’m pretty sure we all passed out for about 4-6 minutes—powernapped! We got up and started doing laundry. Since we hadn’t been to the terrace in a few days, we decided to check it out again. The terrace has a great view of the local parks, the Zoo and the surrounding neighborhoods. Heading back to our flat, we used up another hour for working/surfing (on our computers) before we headed out for our 10pm dinner.

We took the metro and walked to Puerto Madero (Google map: http://bit.ly/coJEE6). This is a great part of the city, especially by night. Puerto Madero is a port/river for the ships. Along the sides of the river are many restaurants. We were in search of a certain restaurant recommended to us but we quickly found out that we were over 15 blocks away from it. So we ended up eating at El Portrillo. The experience started out rough as initial expectations were not met. However, after we tasted the provoleta (grilled provolone cheese), we started dismissing our initial complaints. The appetizer cheese plate was so good we almost could have gone home then and been satisfied with life. However, we still had our steaks to get. I ordered the quadrillo, a recommended dish by a taxi driver we met. We are always concerned that we’ll never get enough food when we order, and that was no different this instance. We were expecting something small and unfilling. To our amazement, the steaks were huge… and amazing. The Argentines love their meat and love to make it delish. By the end of the night (12am), we left El Portrillo more than satisfied.


    I am so glad you checked out Puerto Madero!

    Hope you loved the view. I used to live in the twin towers in puerto madero…they are right next to the futuristic YPF tower and and behind the Hotel Hilton. (Juana Manso y Manuela Saenz) Hopefully you checked out the bridge..punto de mujeres (i believe that’s the name) it is BEAUTIFUL at night time!

    If you head back to the area check out the Casa Rosada…try for a Thrusday afternoon when the Mothers of the Dissappeared march.

    ALSO…for a GREAT workout head back over to the Puerto Madero area and hit the Reserva…it is an Ecologcial reserve on the other side of the port, ask a taxi to take you to either entrance. It is an amazing bike, running, walking trail where you will find a bunch of ppl wokring out and playing futbol (they always let me join in games).


  • Hola !!!

    Cómo están??
    Soy amiga de Nathalie y me contó que están pasando una temporada aquí, en Bs As.
    Espero que lo disfruten y se diviertan. Por lo que veo, ya lo estan haciendo 🙂
    Buenos Aires es una gran ciudad, con mucha cultura y lugares para explorar.
    Me encantan las fotos….una linda vision de la ciudad.

    ahhhhhhhhhh coincido con Nath.. los helados de Fredo son los mejores 🙂

    Bye Bye!!!

  • Ademas de la carne Argentina Claro!! ajajaaj

  • @Leah, I can foresee a lot more time spent in Puerto Madero… That’s really cool that you lived over there. We’ll try and pick up some futbol games for sure.

    @Romi, Gracias para la mensaje. Si, estamos disfrutando de la vida aqui in BA.

    @Nathalie, La carne no termina–y eso es bien conmigo.

  • I hate you and your life there. you should probably come back to austin where it’s been in the fifties and raining all week. you need some reality in your life!!!!!

  • You see Matt, this is our reality…. booooya! But it has been raining for the majority of today, as you’ll see from the next post. holllllllla!

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