57 Days Abroad

Day 6. Metros Are the New Saunas

Day 6.

In the U.S.A. or not, I never look up the forecast for the weather. Consequently, I was surprised when I woke up and saw that it was raining outside. It wasn’t heavy rain but it lasted for a few hours. It did make the jog to the gym a nice and cool though. At the gym, we paid our dues for a one month membership.

Today was dedicated to knocking out a bunch of errands like buying a SIM card, soccer ball, transformer and a few other things. After we purchased the items, we went back home and I started working on some client projects. I made a few breakthroughs only to be stumped again. With the new transformer in our possession, Bobie was finally able to operate the clippers (110 volts to 220 volts). He thought it was time to take the clippers to his head and shave it all off.

We worked a bit more and got ready for the meeting. We try to save money by taking the metro, but we’re finding the metro to be nearly unbearable for a collared shirt and tie due to the heat. In fact, two metro stops before we were to switch metro trains, we said forget it! Our shirts would be fully soaked of sweat by the time we would get to the hall. As we exited the metro, we thought we knew which way we needed to walk. Twelve minutes later of walking, we determined we weren’t going to make it in time so we got a taxi. Turns out, we had been walking in the wrong direction. Finally we made it and this week happens to be the C.O. visit—so the hall was nice and full.


After the meeting, about 15 of us went to a local parrilla restaurant called Cervantes. The place by far has the best value in regards to price and quantity. For 17 pesos (about $4.50), Tallon purchased a big steak with fries. We all had great food.

For whatever illogical reason, the city shuts down the metros at 11:30pm. At night the metro would be much more bearable with the less crowded trains and cooler air with no need to impress anyone. As the metro was closed when we left the restaurant, our next options were taxi or bus. We had our bud Brett help us get the right bus—bus #60. The bus took us right to close to our apartment. We’ll probably start using the buses a lot more.


    Hey guys,I’m really enjoying this blog…looks like you guys are totally living it up! Im looking forward to reading and seeing your days ahead. Take care and send my love to the brothers and sisters there 🙂

  • Thanks for the kind words! We’ll do our to keep it up.

  • Nice fellas. Looks like it’s all you thought and more. Happy for ya, keep up the fine work~

  • Thanks DP! We’re crushing it.

  • Hey, I grew up with Brett! That’s Awesome!

  • there’s a little book called GUIA-T that has all the buses and trains and everything else. ill give you one 🙂

  • Juliette, that would be perfecto! gracias

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