57 Days Abroad

Day 7. Rain or Shine, We Find the Party

Day 7.

Woke up to noises…reminding me of an episode of some old ladies talking. Then I realized it was just the rain hitting our balcony. I fell back asleep only to receive some notification on my iPhone (iPhone has WiFi) that made me get up.

It was a lazy morning…with little incentive to being fast. The sky was overcast and the ground was wet. After working on our projects/work for about 5-6 hours, we decided to get active. We took our new fútbol (soccer ball) and headed out. We went to the park a few blocks away and kicked life away.

After a few hours at the park, we were ready to get the next phase on—i.e. eating. We cleaned up and started looking online for a nearby restaurant. All this time, the skies were dark and the lightning was very active. We finally found a restaurant and we were out the door. It was still raining outside so we took a taxi.

As the taxi dropped us off at the location we told him to, we realized the restaurant was closed or gone. Consequently, we chose the Mexican restaurant close by. The Mexican restaurant was called Vera Cruz Restaurante Mexicano, operated by Javier. The food and ambience was great—resembling a Mexican experience. We received small bowls of different foods, like tapas, to make tacos. The service was great and the food was plentiful. Javier recommended a few places for a few drinks. We went the opposite direction due to external forces.

We started walking and found an interesting bar that was rather private/undisclosed. It was called Isabel B. de Ferari. In order to get a drink at this bar, you have to buy chips. A beer or a glass of wine was a chip, amounting to $15 pesos. Expensive or not, it was an great deal because the bar/club is unique. The music was impeccable and the décor/lighting was unmatched. We met the general manager Nikos, who keeps up on the Denver Nuggets. Nikos was a great guy, speaking Spanish and English really well. We had a few drinks there talking about what we always talk about–how we are going to take over the world.

After we left the Bar de Isabel B. de Ferari, we headed to the Plaza Serrano in Palermo. This neighborhood was recommended by a few travelers we met. We stopped at some spot for a minute and then called it a night.


    The Park looks like a nice escape from a concrete jungle 🙂

  • Yes mam! It’s like we got Central Park behind our house.

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