57 Days Abroad

Day 8. Hardest Thing to Find in BsAs-Monedas (Coins)

Day 8.

Hard to believe but we’ve been here a week. So glad we’ve documented much of what we’ve done so far on this blog because time is about to fly by. Like my uncle Bruno says, take advantage of every moment and pay attention to detail to make the time last. That’s what we’ve been trying to do—capture everything. (Thank you Tallon and your awesome DSLR camera, Bobie and your slim turquoise pocket camera and my Zi8 HD camcorder.) Life is so good here and only gets better with every new (daily) discovery.

Today revolved around working/progressing on our projects. Midway through my work, I was starving and we were out of corn flakes. So I ran to the store and bought 4 bags of frosted flakes–cheya. After a few hours, we made our way to the gym. An hour later, we finished up and felt like a coffee. We hit up our local café, Delicity, and had some pollo and carne empanadas with our café con leche.

We heard about a zone (Cañitas) close to our dwellings of some lively nightlife. We walked towards the general direction and stopped at a pizzeria shop because they had fútbol on the TV. The pizza was filling and delish.

Walking around the parameter of the barrio we were seeking, we found that most of the locals were still eating dinner at 12:30am on a Thursday night. All the restaurants/bars have some of genius interior designers because everything is so fresh/captivating. We finally picked a spot, called Mona Bar. The crowd was great, young and old. That’s been a definite characteristic of BA, that whether it’s a fútbol game or a trendy bar, you’ll still find older people disfrutando (having a good time) as well.

BTW the title, Hardest Thing to Find in BA—Monedas (Coins), is a result of us on the constant look-out for coins but not just any coins. We have to find either 25 centavo coins, or 1 peso coins. Those two coins are the only coins our laundry machine will take—and they’re the hardest thing to come by in BA. Dirty clothes just keep piling up.

Quick BA tip: For a great collection of music, listen to Metro 95.1, a radio station here in BA. We listen to it about every night. Here’s the link: http://www.metro951.com/media-player It’s a talk show during the morning/day hours which is lame so check it out at night (roughly 6pm-2am MST).


    ahora si estoy celosa!! No es justo yo aca en Norte America

  • Your pictures are awesome! You all have a great eye for capturing the moment. I especially love the way you guys eat pizza…with a fork! hehe

  • Next time at the store buy Quadraditos and the Coco Flakes….BEST ever!!

    Have you got in touch with my friends yet? I am sure they would all really enjoy your company.

  • @natalie la verdad

    @mindy We mite eat with forks but the Nuggets still destroyed the Lakers

    @Leah haha okay, I’ll keep my eye out for that. Yeah, I’ve communicated with Marty–thanks

  • Hhahaha Diego enjoy it while it lasts…I like honey mustard with my nuggets in the playoffs

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