57 Days Abroad

Day 9. Fix Your Sidewalks BsAs

Day 9.

Today was the day that things clicked. From the second we woke up, we were producing results. Starting from this morning, we finally knocked out 3 loads of laundry, made big accomplishments in our personal/client projects, went to meeting and met new Argentine friends. Hard to describe, but it all finally clicked, like we overcame some hurdle. As in, tomorrow might click and the day after that, etc (in theory).

For our workout today, we did sprints. Pretty sure my quadriceps resemble ground beef because they got destroyed. It’s all good though—need to be ready for playing fútbol on Monday.

Yet again, today was possessed by the rain. Heavy downpour started about midday and pretty much never left. As such, we purchased some cheapo umbrellas. Today was the first day we took the bus by ourselves to the meeting. Bus number 60 is the bus of choice. It was faster than the metro, less crowded and cooler than the metro temperatures. We arrived at the meeting a few minutes early–early enough that we grabbed a café con leche.

On the way home, we picked up some empanadas. We made plans to meet up with some local Argentines close to our house. Everything turned out great and by the end of the night, the clouds quit raining. We walked home content only to be super stoked that the Nuggets killed the Lakers—cheya!

BTW the title, Fix Your Sidewalks Buenos Aires, is a result of a good majority of all the sidewalks having big potholes or large chucks of the concrete missing. Jogging on the sidewalk can be detrimental if you’re not watching. For that matter, clean up your sidewalks Buenos Aires! I’ve stepped in dog poo and gum while still avoiding a million other possible smelly outcomes.

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