57 Days Abroad

Day 10. The Day We Turned Off the A/C (for 2 hrs)

Day 10.

I still haven’t bothered to check the weekly forecast for Buenos Aires but I’m finding it odd that it’s been overcast and rainy for a few days now. With a drizzle in the air, no sun shine and an A/C unit that has yet to be turned off for the past 9 days, our apartment was cold—so cold that we collectively agreed we could turn it off for a few hours. Crazy, I know.


Today we did a workout that was fun and close to home, literally. We went to our apartment’s terrace and brought up some padding and some music. We did a jump rope, sit-up and push-up workout on the roof top. We got rained on very lightly, which was great for the occasion. It’s unfortunate because it was almost like a GTL (gym, tan, laundry) moment except for the fact that there was no sun, no laundry and no real gym. One of these days we’ll get it right.

After working out we headed over to a friend’s house who was throwing an 80’s party. We found out it was an 80’s party when we got there so we weren’t properly dressed for the event. We had a good time chatting it up with everyone but it was short-lived because we had prior arrangements.

Tonight we made plans to see a real Tango show. We went with a couple locals to a spot in Puerto Madero called Madero Tango. (Google map: http://bit.ly/aPvMi0) The Tango show consisted of a 3 course dinner, wine and an hour long live performance.

To be short and to the point, the whole Tango show experience was great. I’m no expert in dancing, much less Tango dancing, but the couples who performed were spot-on. With legs flapping/flaying around, it’s amazing that they were in sync with no shins getting kicked or feet getting stomped on. Their moves were precise and their attire/apparel/outfits were superb (if I can’t dance Tango, I at least want to look like one).

There were 5 dancing couples in all, 2 singers (male and female) and a live band. I was not expecting the singers or the live band but their performances were great to hear. Besides all the performances, the food was some of the best we’ve had in Buenos Aires thus far.


    Tallon looks like the Ultimate Man in that last photo entitled “Tango.jpg”

  • Puerto Madero Tango is freaking amazing RIGHT!!!

    I hear you and your friends will be joining my former posse for some American style football. I know you it is going to be a freaking blast…wish I could be there. Have Marty point out my old apartment…it was simply amazing!

    OH, how long will you all be in BA? I am coming the third week of March for 12 days…would be great if you were still there.

    So glad you are having such a fantastic time in BA.


  • ahhh Tallon is the Ultimate Man in every photo…. cheya

  • I’m gonna need to see a license for those popped collars boys.

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