57 Days Abroad

Day 12. Haven’t Been this Uncomfortable Since Watching The Office

Day 12.

Finally, a nice day. The sun was shining and the humidity was lower than normal. It was a perfect day for reading outside and getting work done inside.

We put in about 5 hours today before we went to work out. We jogged our way to the gym. Tallon took a little tumble today on the jog as he got tripped up by a huge rock—by ‘huge rock’ I mean a little mound of asphalt… ha oh man… he bounced right up and kept jogging—good stuff.

We took a little longer at the gym than planned. As such we were a bit late to leave the apartment as we hoped. When we finally left, we took the metro to the Callao exit. We had ourselves a small dinner and caffeine boost before our meeting.

Like always, we headed to a local eatery after the meeting. This time we went to a pizza joint close by. One of the sisters was shortly leaving Buenos Aires after seven years so there were a few goodbye speeches at the restaurant. The speeches, for the most part, were comical, thought-provoking and also embarrassing. We all said our goodbyes and left for home.

BTW the title, Haven’t Been this Uncomfortable Since Watching The Office, was a result of some actions by someone (not one of us but whom we were with) who put himself in a bizarre situation that did not end funny nor entertaining–just awkward for everyone… ha long story that we may tell you about if you ask…


    im askin…start tellin

  • LADDINO, dood not on a public forum. You think ima CRZY? People might read this.

  • tell bobie i see he is enjoying another soda….

  • Ladd, if you must know, that soda was not mine. I had an orange juice thank you. And I don’t like your tone.

  • Let me just say in behalf of all of us at the English group…we wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments expressed in the title of this blog entry. I would describe that situation as being like watching someone getting on stage at a funeral and announcing that they are getting married, while everyone is crying. However your analogy makes more sense…

  • hahaha oh man there is no more perfect way to describe that!

  • oh mannn, thanks Dominick, that made me laugh, a lot. checked out your blog, good stuff man.

  • Im asking as wellio~

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