57 Days Abroad

Day 13. Let’s Live in Malas Aires

Day 13.

We knew today that we were going to do something big. We have been planning to go to Plata Del Mar for a little while now and today was the day. Tallon found a hotel/hostel for us and Bobie found the transportation times. After getting a few hours of work done, we headed off to the Retiro Estacion by the local bus number 152. Taking the bus may have not been the best idea as it was packed to capacity and we were in a bad location—right by the exit door. Everyone exiting would bump into us or we would have to position on bags in awkward positions in order to allow people out. Finally we reached our stop by the Sheraton hotel.

We walked 5 blocks from the bus station, mean-mugging everyone as we’ve been told to be extra careful at this station. We paid for our round trip ticket to and from Mar Del Plata. When 5:30pm came along, we were off.

The bus was about 28% full. The chairs were comfortable and they reclined. Within a few minutes of the ride, we all passed out. When I woke up, I started reading until the end of the sunlight due to the fact that the bus’s reading lights did not turn on.

Finally 5 hours later, we arrived at the bus station in Mar Del Plata. We walked to a popular intersection and asked where our hotel was. The hotel being much farther than the online description stated, we took a taxi.

Our hotel room, although “fitting three people,” was very small. The shower is on the wall right next to the toilet. There’s no tub, just a drainage in the bathroom floor. We changed and left the hotel. We met up with a few Argentines and had dinner. After dinner we hung out for a minute and then went to the hotel—a fairly chill night.

BTW the title, Let’s Live in Malas Aires, was a result of us nicknaming Mar del Plata, Malas Aires. It’s a joke because so far, there’s nothing ‘Mala’ (bad) about Mar del Plata.

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