57 Days Abroad

Day 14. Finally Got Our T On

Day 14.

With a hot, un-air-conditioned hostel room, there was no way we could sleep in. The conditions forced us to get up and start out the day in Mar del Plata—which wasn’t a bad thing. We had croissants and coffee at the hostel. As the hostel had wifi, I was able to knock out a few hours of work and Tallon and Bobie were able to finish up their things too.

Ready for action, we left for the beach about midday. We were staying close to Plaza Colon, where they had been setting up for a city-anniversary-festival of Mar del Plata. From there, the beach was about a block further. We walked to the water, through the thousands of beach-goers. (Apparently, the city of Mar del Plata has a population of about 800,000; however, during the summer months, the city grows to about 2.2 million). On the shores, you’ll see tents and shades set up, with a good majority of the people sipping on Mate (Pronouced: Mah-teh, Mate is a tea-like drink that Argentinians drink daily).

We walked a lot of the beach, we ate and we walked more. Finally, we posted up, set our towels down and got our tan on. We stayed there for a few hours. Tallon and I mustered up the courage to go for a swim in the cold water. Regardless of the water temperatures, there were always people in the water.

After a while, we left for another beach to meet up with some friends. Because the no credit on our cell phone, the no service when we finally did get credit, and all of the other miscommunications, it took a couple hours to finally find them.

The wind had been picking up and everyone was departing from the beach. Near the beach, our friends had a hotel with a semi-heated pool which we decided to try out. At the pool, one of the instructors/workers asked us if we wanted to do a water-aerobics class. Since we’re fitin2shape, we accepted her offer. We did a 30 minute workout session in the water. Shortly thereafter, we left for our hostel. I had a few work-related tasks to finish up on and we needed to change.

We left our hostel to go grab some dinner. Our taxi driver took us to his recommended restaurant near the neighborhood we wanted to be in. The restaurant was Italian, the food was delish, they accepted American Express, they had great service and the game between Argentina and Jamaica was on—overall an excellent restaurant selection. We watched the game until the end with Argentina winning in the last play of the game to make the score 2-1.

We hit a few spots after that. At one location, we apparently saw the richest man in Argentina, Ricardo Fort (Google him). He looked like he was in early-thirties and had an entourage with a filming crew. Everyone was flocking to him to get a photo with the mogul. Apparently he owns a chocolate company but most likely inherited his riches/assets. He is the Paris Hilton of Argentina. Feeling extremely spent, we peaced-out and went back to the dungy hostel.


    are those pirate ships attacking the beach? looks like you got out just in time!

  • Yeah bro, pretty epic battle took place. I got out with some Pirate’s Booty though.

  • Ricardo Fort seems to be vying for a “Tool of the Year” trophy…

  • The beach looks awesome and crowded…any good scenery? hehe
    Hahah and that Ricardo Fort dude has a nice body but Dvd is right total tool to put it nicely. He makes Paris Hilton look clean 🙂

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