57 Days Abroad

Day 15. WiFi Should Never be Forsaken (Part Deux)

Day 15.

Our second morning waking up in Mar del Plata proved to be a bit different as it was quite cold. I wrapped myself with towels since there was no way I was going to touch the 1970’s hostel bed covers. I had a project to finish for work looming in my mind and it had to be done before 12pm—so I got up.

Today we were to depart from Mar del Plata at 12pm, which would put us in Buenos Aires at 5:30pm. With the WiFi at the hostel being unreliable/bogged-down, I figured we’d have a better chance at getting an internet connection at the station. So we packed up and left. To my dismay, the only available WiFi connections at the station were locked and we could not get on. With less than an hour before the bus was scheduled to depart, we all three went searching the nearby neighborhood for an unlocked WiFi hotspot. We found a few networks which were all locked. Realizing I was not going to be able to send my projects before we left, we started walking back to the station. Miraculously, on the way to the station, I found one random spot that had WiFi on the sidewalk (we were using our iPhones searching for available networks). So right there on the sidewalk, I pulled out my laptop and started working. I was able to upload and email my latest project just in time before we departed. Once again, as was the title from our second day, WiFi should never be forsaken.

On the bus ride, we all slept for the majority of the trip regardless that the A/C nearly froze us to death. I had to put three t-shirts on since I did not bring anything long-sleeve. We arrived as scheduled and took the local bus 152 back to our apartment. A few moments later, Bobie and Tallon left to the gym as I stayed to finish up another project for work.

Tonight we had been invited to the house of some friends for dinner. We picked up some soda and wine and arrived at their house around 10pm. For whatever reason, the whole block was without power for an hour. Fortunately enough, they had candles and the stove was gas powered. They prepared empandas and an Italian dish for dinner. The food was great and there was more than enough to go around. After we took some photos, we were exhausted from the long day. We said our goodbye and went home.


    Did they bring you a whiskey night cap on the bus?

  • Naw, MicroMar didn’t do much but give us a cold packed lunch… oh and their coffee was interesting… not sure if there was actually coffee in the coffee.

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