57 Days Abroad

Day 16. They Don’t Drive with Their Lights On

Day 16.

Woke up to 4 alarms today—each separated by the press of the snooze button. The night before was a late one, due to all the catching up on the blog and work-related tasks. Thankfully, everything did get caught up.

After our workout today, we stopped by Jumbo Palermo Commercial Center to do our grocery shopping (Google map: http://bit.ly/b6Xdzg). We went in with a list but we definitely came back with additional items. Going grocery shopping after an intense workout and being very hungry is never the best idea. We tried samples of foods and drinks (had some Fernet and Sprint at one of the sample booths) which also caused us to impulse buy. With a full cart, we paid out and bagged everything ourselves. From there we carried all the groceries home by foot.

We ate a full chicken and had planned on going to Palermo Soho for quick stroll; however, that never happened. We ended up loafing around the house and cleaning up. #fail

Tonight we had plans to go to an asado (BBQ) at a friend’s house. We made plans to meet at a cross street so we could get picked up to go to their house in the suburbs. We arrived at that their house and met more friends that had been invited. Everyone brought swim trunks to dip in the pool. We had a great time and before we knew it, it was already past 2am. We hopped on the bus and went home. Getting to bed about 4am, we set our alarms for 8am—we have to catch a train in the morning.

BTW the title, They Don’t Drive with Their Lights On, is a result of observing the way the taxi and bus drivers drive. At night time, these drivers do not use their headlights out of courtesy of the cars they’re behind. The driver’s in the front of the traffic will generally use their lights though. Since the streets are well-lit from the light poles and buildings, the no-headlight-driving isn’t so dangerous—it’s just different to see.

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    The food looks amazing…Im so hungry now thanx!

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