57 Days Abroad

Day 17. An Incomplete Visit to Tigre

Day 17.

We had to catch a train at 9:30am from the Retiro Estacion, so we tried to leave the house by 8:45am. Well, we missed the train by a few minutes but it didn’t matter since there was a train leaving about every 18 minutes.

The train ride to Tigre was about an hour long and made about 15 stops (Google map: http://bit.ly/9yHETu). Once we arrived, we first met up with 3 others. From there, we walked a decent distance to the market place. The temperature was hot and the humidity was worse.

On the way to our destination, we past Parque de la Costa which is an amusement park. From the outside the park looked like they had the all big rides and the ticket prices for entry were 45-55 pesos ($12-15).


We continued walking and finally arrived to the market place which is near the shore of the river. The market was filled with furniture, arts and crafts. For the most part, the furniture looked great and of high quality and all at low prices. We figured, if we would live in Buenos Aires for longer, Tigre would be the place to get all our furniture.

After a while, we continued meeting up with others until finally there was about 15 of us. By that time, it was noon and we were starving and burning up. We decided to go to a sit down restaurant to get a break and lunch. When we finished up lunch, most of the friends went back to Buenos Aires and the three of us stayed in the Tigre another hour to see what else was there in this town. It was so hot though that we couldn’t enjoy walking any more so we went back to the train station. There’s apparently a boat that’ll take you from Tiger to Buenos Aires along the river that we want to try sometime.

We arrived back to the apartment and knocked out a couple loads of laundry and cooked up a snack. About the time we put all the clothes away, a friend stop by our place. We took off from there to go get some dinner. Little by little, we met up with a few more people and had a good time close to our bario.

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