57 Days Abroad

Day 18. Plan BA

Day 18.

Finally got to sleep in a bit—it was well needed. We had the meeting at 1pm today so that was our first obligation. We hopped in a taxi and arrived to the front door of the hall for 18 pesos. Definitely not the best deal when the metro is 1.10 pesos per person or the bus is 1.25 pesos per person. Each method has their place and their advantages though.

After meeting, we had plans to play fútbol at the Open Gallo turf fields (Google map: http://bit.ly/9ZcSJb). We arrived 20 minutes late and got warmed up. About 12 people showed up to play. The two teams were picked and we played for an hour. It was so good to finally play a few games. After the game ended, we had a beer and watched the Boca Juniors game.

We brought a change of clothes with us because we were supposed to go to a friend’s house after the game. Before arriving to the friend’s house, we grabbed a bite to eat. Walking through San Telmo tonight got kind of interesting. Walking, we heard lots of oncoming commotion and lights. A main street that we needed to walk through had been blocked off and there were crowds of people. Just before walking through the crowded street, I saw a kid who was covered in what looked like to be shaving cream. It was odd to see so I started to pull out my camera to make sure I could capture what was going on. As I was about 50 feet behind Bobie, Tallon and Dom, I saw a few girls run up to them and spray them with the shaving cream like substance. I turned on the camcorder and ran through the crowd so I wouldn’t get hit. I got through untouched while the other guys got it in the face. Not sure why the spraying of people was taking place or what it signified but we got pretty good laugh out of it.

Two blocks past the parade of people, we were at our friend’s house. By the time we arrived, there were already others there and they were playing Mafia. I thought that was cool that the same game we often played back home was being played here. So we played a few rounds and had a fun time. It was getting late so we left back to the house.

BTW the title, Plan BA, is Plan B to eventually end up back in Buenos Aires to live. Between the three of us, we imagine a lot of time what it would be like to just live here—which motivates us to get serious about it. We talk to a lot of the friends who are living here how they manage and how they obtain their jobs. There are a lot of compelling reasons to stay so it’s not farfetched at all to live here. We shall see what the future holds… that’s Plan BA.


    Haha looked amusing~

  • ha what are you referring to? soccer or Bobie getting sprayed with whipping cream?

  • I want to live in BA too

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