57 Days Abroad

Day 19. Cliché Alert: When it Rains, it Pours

Day 19.

Day started out pretty mediocre. Worked, worked-out, and traveled our way to the meeting. However, about that time, things got a bit out of control.

So we met up with some friends before the meeting to get a coffee and something to eat. There was about 9 of us at the table talking it up. With 15 minutes before the meeting started, we got our stuff together and started heading for the door. Then I heard Bobie say, “Someone stole my bag.” It was the moment I have dreaded but expected to hear at least once. We quickly did a scan around the surroundings to see if it was misplaced. No success there. The bag was a goner, and so were his books and two credit cards. Bobie went home to do the necessary cancellations and Tallon and I stayed for the meeting.

The rain that was supposed to drop a day earlier finally decided to drop today. It not only dropped, but it down poured over the city in a two hour(ish) stretch. We ran to the subte (metro) from the hall and got soaked. We thought we were safe. We figured by the time we’d arrive to Palermo, the rain would have subsided, however, we were way wrong. The metro staff informed us they would not be going past the Bulnes stop. This was not good since we still had 3 more stops down the line to get to our barrio. Everyone had to evacuate the train.

We started walked on the sidewalk to try and get a taxi. No éxito (success) here. The rain had subsided to a small degree but its effects were still very apparent. We ended up walking the whole way home until we could go no further. We started approaching a group of people who were observing ahead of them and not moving. As we finally reached their point of view, we saw that the rest of the sidewalk/road/barrio was flooded. Realizing we could go no further nor would a taxi even drive through the flooded streets, we decided we’d grab a bite to eat and wait it out. We ate and we waited for over an hour. When we arrived back to the sidewalk, we saw that the water had dropped and was draining. We started walking and made it all the way to the corner of Oro and Santa Fe (Google map: http://bit.ly/bkXuSk). Then we saw the street ahead of us were still buried in water. We couldn’t turn back now. We rolled up our pants, took off our shoes/(socks) and started walking through the murky waters. A few buses and cars rolling through the street created wakes and got us wetter than desired. Tallon and I looked pretty amazing in our suit coats and ties, treading through the waters. Finally we made it home and were quick to clean up.



  • better than mar del plata jajajaa

  • Hahahahhahaha….BA has the best rain storms ever!

    If it ever happens again…find a good place to eat and drink copious amounts of beer for hours and hours!

  • Hi,I’m Hirohisa in Okinawa,Japan.
    It was terrible rain.
    Please take care.

  • Something even more amazing than the rain is how great Tallon looks with his pants like that! HA HA HA (It’s a good look).

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