57 Days Abroad

Day 20. There’s No Wildlife in BsAs

Day 20.

Either I’m getting over the jet lag (20 days later) or I’m beginning to realize the importance of waking up earlier, but the past couple days I’ve been getting up around 9am—crazy I know. With a couple travel plans formulating, I know soon I’ll be out of WiFi commission so I’m trying to get as much stuff done as possible.

Worked, worked-out and ate. After that, we met up with the group for a few hours. We walked around San Telmo. The weather today was much cooler, overcast and windier yet more than bearable.

Finishing up with the group, we had arrangements to eat dinner at 9pm. We were a little early so we went to a close by resto-bar that offered Duff beer—like from the Simpsons. Unfortunately, they did not have any Duff beer left so we settled for less.

When the time arrived, we went to the other restaurant to meet up with our friends. There was 11 of us in all. I stuck to the classic/default Bife de Chorizo because I love that dish/steak. After finishing up, we departed and hopped on the 152 bus. We nearly missed our stop because we all dozed off, however Bobie thankfully woke up just in time.

BTW the title, There’s No Wildlife in BsAs, is a result of never seeing any animals in Buenos Aires other than a few stray dogs and cats and a birds flying around. There’s no squirrels, no rabbits, no prairie dogs, no rodents. I realize it’s a city but even when we were driving to Mar del Plata, we never saw any wildlife like deer, foxes or coyotes either. Eh… maybe they just have not been around when we were around…quien sabe realmente (who really knows).

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