57 Days Abroad

Day 21. The Best Part Of Waking Up, Is Tallon’s Coffee In Your Cup.

Day 21.

Today we were blessed with another cup of Tallon’s homemade coffee. He’s developing the science of brewing coffee into his own art. Nice and strong, the coffee gets us going.

Ran some sprints today and it felt great. Jokingly we’ve been talking about doing an America vs Argentina fútbol match with our friends. As it will probably happen, I think we’ll be well conditioned to represent and to hold our own.

After our workout, we got ready to go to Malba, the art museum (Google map: http://bit.ly/djcK19). Wednesday happens to be the least expensive day to go (at 6 pesos a person) so there was a longer line than normal. We met up with a friend and then we ran into 2 more friends. Malba’s current exhibit is showcasing Andy Warhol works—so I was particularly excited. As expected, we got to see a lot of the pop-art that Andy Warhol is known for. Apparently Andy Warhol has an art museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, so I might have to check that out one of these days.

Getting back, I started to work again and Bobie and Tallon met up with the group. I joined them later around 8:30pm at the meeting. After the meeting, we had plans to go eat in Puerto Madero. Finding the restaurant Chueca took longer than expected but we found it. About 15 people in all showed up. By the time we finished up, it was quite late. We shared a taxi with another friend and went home.

P.s. It’s been three weeks that we’ve been here—wowzas!


    did you listen to the song i sent you during sprints?

  • chyea bro! party in the BofA

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