57 Days Abroad

Day 22. Procrastination is Bad, etc.

Day 22.

For whatever reason, we generally feel that whenever and wherever we want to go is as simple as booking tickets the day of travel. For instance over the past week, we had been scoping out a trip to Iguazu Falls (Google map: Iguazu Falls) and there were about 6 different buses scheduled to leave today between 2-3pm which would get us to Iguazu the next day (Friday) at about 7am–a 17-hour bus ride. The plan was to be able to get to Iguazu in the morning and then take a night bus back to Buenos Aires. Doing this would alleviate us from having to get a hostel. Well, short story long, we tried to book the bus tickets the day of, and of course, all of the bus rides were sold out.

Feeling a bit defeated, we quickly started thinking of other short vacations we could take. Montevideo and Punta Del Este was next on our list. We started searching different ferries, buses and hotels/hostels for Uruguay. We found the transportation methods just fine and nearly booked everything except that, we couldn’t find any hotel accomodations. Back to square one.

So we started looking back at our Iguazu options. If we took the next available bus leaving at 6:45pm, we could arrive in Iguazu the next day at 11:45am. Pushing the limits, we figured we’d still have a possibility of knocking all the site seeing in a day and coming back the same night. We took our chances and packed up less than a day’s worth of clothing and went to Retiro Bus Station. We find a few different offers but finally settled with the company Rio Uruguay to take us. Our bus left at 7pm and we were to arrive around noon the next day.

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