57 Days Abroad

Day 23. Iguazu Falls y La Garganta Del Diablo

Day 23.

Sleeping on the bus was not the most amazing thing to ever happen. From being way too hot to freezing, I could not get it together. I don’t blame the bus necessarily (yes I do), it was just a less than ideal situation. At about 8am, we were given breakfast and mate (the mate was not legit because their version was just a tea bag and hot water). After everything was eaten and dranken, we fell asleep until about 11am.

Finally, we arrived to the town of Puerto Iguazu. The town was small but large with the number of travelers. There were people there from all over the world. From the bus station, we started looking at our options for return trips on the same day. With next to no choices, we realized the next solution would be to leave back to Buenos Aires on Saturday. We purchased our return trip for Saturday at 3pm.

With the our return trip settled, we starting looking for a hostel/hotel for the night. We chose the Marco Polo Suites, about a 15 peso taxi ride away. Checking into our room, we started looking at possible excursions we could do for Iguazu today and tomorrow. We got everything squared away and we were off the cataratas (waterfalls).

A way overpriced taxi brought us to the national park around 4pm. We were told there was one more train going to the upper part of the falls so we hurried on. We made the train and we were beaming with anticipation as we still had not seen any parts of the waterfalls yet. The train brought us as far as it would go and from there, we walked about half a mile on bridges to the waterfall section known as La Garanta Del Diablo (the Devil’s Throat). The bridge went over the different rivers and waters that make up the waterfalls.

Getting closer we could hear the roaring waters get louder and louder. Finally the falls were beginning to reveal themselves. As we were above the falls, the true justice was not met until you were standing nearly over the edge of the falls.

The name of this particular section, La Garganta Del Diablo, was quite fitting due to the violent nature of the waters that came crashing down. With mist forming every constantly, the actual bottoms of the falls were nearly impossible to see.

The whole experience was quite overwhelming/breathtaking and not possible to fully discribe in words. As such, be sure to watch the videos and look at all the photos.

Recorded in 1080p HD

The guides started blowing their whistles indicating the park was near closing time and the train back to the main station was ready to leave. We walked back completely amazed and the cool part was that we still had about 70% more of the national park to see tomorrow. We hopped on a local bus and got shuttled to town. After grabbing a few things from the store, we ate dinner in town and then got a taxi to the hotel. We kicked it at the pool for a while and went to bed.

Foz do Iguaçu, Cataratas del Iguazú, Iguazu Falls


    Thats pretty amazing…kind of erie that you cant see the bottom of the powerful waterfalls. Nothing but a cloud of mist 🙂 I was waiting to see this trip…Tallon was pretty excited about this destination.

  • Yeah, this trip greatly needed to be done. There was definitely a lot of hype about this place and it still surpassed the hype…It was amazing. A must see if ever in South America.

  • Iguazu – definietly on my top 5 favorite places in the world. Pretty freaking amazing isn’t it?!?!

  • Wuss up Cousin!!! The ocean fallin in a hole!!! Thats a Beautifull piece of Nature and God Is Good, So is the Mother Of Nature you gotta Respect it! Great video….

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