57 Days Abroad

Day 25. A First For Everything

Day 25.

We arrived back to a drizzling Buenos Aires at 10am today. The city was overcast with many puddles everywhere. Apparently, when we were away in Iguazu, Buenos Aires had experienced another down pour and had gotten flooded again even worse than before. While we were at our hostel a couple days ago, we saw the news footage of 3 blocks from where we reside that had nearly waist high water running through the streets. We picked a good couple of days to be gone I suppose.

Getting back to the crib, we cleaned up and even started cleaning laundry. We went to the meeting and ate with a big group after. The restaurant we ate at was called La Americana – La Reina de Empanadas. The pizza and empanadas were pretty good and filling.

We went home to finish up compiling and uploading all the footage and photos that we had taken from our trip. This process took forever but did finally get finished. We made plans to meet up with a few others at around 9-10pm at a local English pub. We had some funny laughs some great beer.

Today was the first day we didn’t take a picture or video. Possibly we were just spent on taking photos after our recent excursion. Regardless though, I’ll try not to let another day go picture-less.

I’m posting today a photo of a butterfly that Tallon took while in Iguazu. I had never seen so many butterflies at once before. The butterflies would congregate and fly around together and than they would land on you or near by objects and slowly wave their wings–pretty neat stuff.

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