57 Days Abroad

Day 26. No More Rain Please

Day 26.

The overcast morning sky turned into rain by noon o’clock. The rain started to drop heavy and fast. We thought for sure our street/barrio would be flooded again. It rained for a couple hours but fortunately, did not rain enough to cause flooding that we we’ve seen before. Due to the rain, our whole day was out of sync. The few plans we had today were not able to be done like go to China town or even the gym. Being cooped up at our place though, Bobie cooked up a decent size meal and I was able to make some progress for work.

After the rain subsided, we left to our meeting. As usual, many of us went to eat some food after. The restaurant we ate at was less than par but we still made the most of it. We finished up and went home. It was an uneventful day, mainly due to the weather. Hopefully, the weather improves soon.

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