57 Days Abroad

Day 27. Chinatown y Mexican Food

Day 27.

After putting in about five solid hours of work followed by working out, we left for Chinatown. The day was finally sunny and warm so we were all about taking advantage of that. We got on the Green Line and headed the opposite direction we normally do (normally we’d be heading downtown). We get out at the Juramento exit and walked into a street filled with shoppers, students and workers. This was our first time in this zone and it was full all kinds of shops. With our mission to get to Chinatown, we didn’t really get to check out the clothing boutiques and whatnot so we’ll probably hit that up some other time soon. We received proper directions and found ourselves in Chinatown (Google map: Chinatown).

It was more like Chinastreet or Chinablock. One street in particular had many Asian stores on it with a few scattered on the nearby streets. If you walked near any grocery store, the aroma from the fish was quite potent. We finally went into one grocery store and the first food item found was Tabasco sauce—they even had the green kind. Feeling pretty good about what else we’d find, we went down a nearby aisle and walah! –Tallon found his peanut butter. The peanut butter was practically the sole reason for coming to Chinatown so Tallon picked up two jars of Skippy Peanut Butter. We continued scanning the store and found some very interesting foods and drinks. They did have ramen noodles but it was 8 times the price you’d pay in the U.S. so we opted out of that one. All the fish we smelt was in the back of the store where they had eels, octopuses, snails and many other kinds of seafood. It was great to be in Buenos Aires yet totally feel like we had skipped continents.

Getting back from our little excursion, we had plans tonight to go to a Mexican restaurant with friends. The restaurant was called Maria Felix. The restaurant was authentic and they had quotes in Spanish on the walls that were quite funny. About 15 friends showed and we stayed for a couple hours. The food and the margaritas were pretty tasty. Finishing up with the restaurant, we walked about for a while until got to a ice cream parlor. By the time we left there, it was already 2am so we got a cab and went home.


    That one dude Tallon is next to looks like a less ugly Brennen.

  • Dave is right

  • Yall are wrong! Poor Brennan lol

  • Try D.F. Resutrante Mexicano in Puerto Madero.

    And if you need more REAL AMERICAN peanut butter just let me know, I will bring some down March. I made everyone that came to visit me bring Peanut Butter and mascara (I don’t like the brands they sell in argentina…hahah)!!

  • the guy next to Tallon is Pablo and he is a saint! please don’t insult Pablo like that

    @leah, Ha thanks, Tallon bought enough Skippy to last our time but I’ll ask him anyways.

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