57 Days Abroad

Day 28. I Wish South America had EasyJet

Day 28.

These past few days have been quite chill and somewhat structured. Wake up, write, read, work, workout, do some new or previous activity, eat long dinner, socialize, go to bed. Knowing soon that we’ll be traveling again, I’m trying to get as much done as possible with the work part too.

As mentioned, we have been trying to plan our next excursion, a trip to Chile and Bolivia. South America transportation is no European transportation. It is absolutely hard to lock down anything here. Buses might be cheaper but they can take an astronomical amount of days to travel, planes are fast but can cost two legs and an arm, trains are almost nonexistent or take even longer than the bus, and to rent a car could be a setup for failure as the distances to drive ourselves would be extreme with lots of unknown variables. It’s truly frustrating. We might just get on a bus and make it up as we go—quien sabe realmente.

After working out, we meet up with the group for a couple hours than went to meeting. Nothing really was going on after the meeting with the friends so we went straight home for the first time. After a couple emails and a phone call, we went out for a bit. This week is Fashion Week here in Buenos Aires so we’re trying to run into some Alessandra Ambrosio’s.

BTW the title, I Wish South America had EasyJet, is a result of the poor transportation methods in South America. EasyJet is a low-cost European airline that goes all around Europe, country to country. If South America had a low-cost airline that went everywhere in the continent, they’d be doing the whole world a favor.


    Did you check out LAN airlines? Sometimes they have amazing deals on trips to Chilie, Peru, and throughout Argentina.

    But your right…transportation is more than difficult to figure out in S.A.

  • Yeah, I’ve been looking at LAN Airlines and AeroSur… but nothing amazing has popped up. I think we’ll bus it to Mendoza/Santiago and see what happens from there.

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