57 Days Abroad

Day 29. Buenos Aires Fashion Week 2010 #BAFWeek

Day 29.

Next to the Iguazu Falls, today we may have seen the most beautiful thing Argentina has to offer. To start off with, we knew today would be a good day because the weather was perfect—sun shining, a slight breeze and no clouds. It was perfect for kicking the ball around at the park, and that’s what we did. For our workout today, we jogged to the nearby park. There were lots of sun bathers on the grass and people walking/running their dogs. We posted up and started passing and juggling the soccer ball. Getting close to our meet up time with some friends, we left for home to get cleaned up.

Our big window sliding door looks directly at La Rural (Google map: La Rural). It’s a huge convention-center-type-building. We look at it and walk by it every day but never went to it until today. At La Rural is where they were having the Buenos Aires Fashion Week show from February 24-25—quite convenient for us. The cost to get in to BAFWeek was 20 pesos (about $5.26) and what a good value that was.

About 4pm we met our friends inside the La Rural. There were booths everywhere mainly for apparel companies, model agencies and magazine companies, but we did see a Bimbo Bread booth (funny) and an airline company trying to get in on the action as well. The complex was flooded with girls all dressed to impress. Models were walking around and we saw Luis Francisco Dotto (a.k.a. Pacho Dotto) making a couple rounds with his entourage of models. Pancho Dotto is the Hugh Hefner of Argentina because he is the founder of Dotto Models, a world class modeling agency.

After eating a great lunch in the complex, we got in line to see an actual show on the catwalk. It was the Uma apparel line that we watched apparently. The showroom was packed out and the music selection was spot on. The event was shorter then I imagined but it was cool to see.

A few more friends joined us as we were waiting for the next show. This time Puma was up so we were eager to see as they were one of the only clothing lines we actually recognized. The Puma line was an African based theme and the clothes were quite loud and vibrant. They had a live drum band do a portion of the music which was cool and fitting. After the Puma show, we shortly thereafter left and decided to get some dinner. It was a good day.

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    sounds like The Twelves dj’d the first part of the show

  • Yeah the music was perfect, I recognized that Terry Poison remix.

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