57 Days Abroad

Day 33. Santiago, Bike Touring and Chuck

Day 33.

Woke up to a bright sun with the sounds of the people outside the window talking and walking. We decided to we would go find a gym, workout and then knock out some internet stuff before any sightseeing. At the café where we were using the internet, we got a hold of some good new music from the barista that he was playing.



After the café, we ate lunch and then walked to a bicycle rental shop called La Bicicleta Verde (Google map: La Bicicleta Verde). The staff was really nice and great to deal with. They gave us a map of the city and told us spots we should ride to. Unfortunately, we were late arriving at the rental shop so we could only rent the bicycles for two hours. That’s all the time we had so we blasted through the city.

On our own personal bike tour of Santiago, we picked up a loner. He joined our wolf pack so that the wolf pack now had 4 wolves. His name that we bestowed to him was Chuck. Chuck did not give a hoot about life or about getting run’ed over, like when he tried to bite the tires off the moving buses. He often would run head on against the traffic just to push the limit and get a rise. He rode with us nearly the whole time and deserted us for green pastures once we returned our bikes. He was a courageous dirty black Labrador dog.

Having heard about a bar called La Piojera that we needed to check out we started walking in the general direction. On the way, we saw caution tape and rumble on the ground of some historical building. Part of the roof had fallen as a result of the earthquake. Next to the busted building, we saw a group of people and good music being bumped. There were a couple guys who set up a portable DJ booth and they were mixing house music. They created a block party and had such great a vibe. The two DJ’s from Santiago were INeedAFreak and Andres Bucci. They were raising money and collecting food and clothing for the victims of the earthquake in Chile. We kicked it there for a minute and then headed off to find La Piojera.

La Piojera was known for their drink called el Terremoto which means earthquake—quite fitting for the times. The drink consisted of fernet, some white wine and pineapple ice cream. La Piojera was a locally popular establishment (Google map: La Piojera ). The drink was tasty but even got better once the ice cream was melted. We had one of those drinks, because frankly, that’s all you need.


For dinner, we heard of a restaurant called Azul Profundo. Their specialty is seafood, and being in Santiago next to the Pacific coast, seafood is what we wanted. We had calamari, shrimp, shark, octopus, tilapia, salmon, and sea bass. Everything was spot on and we enjoyed it thoroughly. After dinner, we headed to the hostel.


    i love chuck.

  • Chuck was one of us. Of course you love chuck, then.

  • Chuck get’s it. Also, good work on the bikes. It’s the only way to travel.

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