57 Days Abroad

Day 36. I think We Just GTL’ed

Day 36.

It’s nice to wake up, walk outside and see the ocean. That’s what’s Antofagasta is about. The coast is lined with rocky shores but they do have an artificial beach. The city is still growing and becoming more commercialized with malls and big shopping centers.

Once everyone was all ready, we walked to get some empanadas for lunch. After that, we walked back to the house and waited to get picked up to play some soccer with the friends.

About 3 o’clock we got picked up and went to a recreational center for mining engineers or something like that. Because the friends we were with had connections with this facility, we did not have to pay for playing. About 15 friends in all played and so we had 3 teams playing 5 minute games. The Chilean players are really good and technical. During the game, a few of us left to drop off my cousin at the house and say goodbye to my family as they were leaving to the states.

After the playing for a couple hours, we decided to hop in the pool. The water felt great and we were able to get some sun. We stayed there for a while and then got a ride back to an empty house.

We stayed around catching up and finishing up assorted things. Then we took a bus to the mall where we had a meal and tried some the Chilean Pisco Sour drink. It was tasty. We headed back home, content that we didn’t have any set plans for the next 12 hours of our lives.

BTW the title, I think We Just GTL’ed, was a result of us doing our laundry today, tanning at the pool and going to the gym and getting our fitness on with some soccer. Only took 36 days to finally do complete GTL (gym, tan, laundry).

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