57 Days Abroad

Day 37. Two tickets to Arica, One to Santiago

Day 37.

Today we got up knowing we could continue staying at my uncle’s place or we could move on. It came down to a matter of when and where we could get transportation to Bolivia. Some people were saying buses and trains only went on certain days. We decided it’d be best to go to the bus terminal and talk with the travel agents to provide us with all possible options.

We got to the bus terminal and quickly found out no Chilean Bus companies went directly to Bolivia. For the most part, no one was providing any solutions for our travel plans. Losing hope, I finally talked to a different rep working for Flotabus. He said we could catch a night bus from Antofagasta tonight and be in Arica in the morning. Next, we would look for the Bolivian bus companies that leave daily in the morning and go directly to La Paz. It sounded good so we bought two tickets to Arica, Chile—one for Tallon and me.

Bobie has been limbo’ing on whether to join us to Bolivia or to go back home. (Bobie has plans on staying in Bolivia for a while once Tallon and I go back to the states). Unfortunately, Bobie opted out of going to Bolivia with us and instead, he bought a ticket for Santiago. From there, he’d get a direct bus back to Buenos Aries. He will be missed.

We got back home, cleaned up the house and packed up things. The time was approaching for our trips so we left to first get some food. We got some empanadas from Florencia. From there we got a taxi and arrived at the bus terminal 3 minutes to 9pm. Bobie’s bus was to leave at 9pm and we were to leave at 10pm. Bobie’s bus came as scheduled and we said our goodbyes. Shortly thereafter Tallon and I boarded our night bus to Arica, Chile.

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