57 Days Abroad

Day 39. Lago Titicaca y La Isla del Sol

Day 39.

Woke up to my alarm today which I thought was 7am. However realizing that it was still dark out, we knew something was wrong. I consulted Tallon and we agreed it was an hour early and my clock was wrong. Bonus!—we got to sleep another hour.

We got up at the proper time and headed down for some breakfast. Pancakes were being served which were actually really good. The bus to Lake Titicaca came by our hostel as scheduled and we took off.

About an hour and a half later we got our first glimpses of the Lake Titicaca. The lake is extremely large and eventually, it was on the right-hand and left-hand sides of us as we were heading up a peninsula (Google map: Lake Titicaca). We got as far as we could on the bus because we reached the tip of the peninsula. From there, we all got off the bus and walked over to purchase a ticket for the boat to take us to the neighboring island. The ferry trip took about 20 minutes. Our bus was put on a transport floating device and shipped to the island as well. Once we got to the other side with the bus, we reconvened our bus trip to Copacabana. The trip duration took about 45 minutes to get to Copacabana on the other side of the island.

We arrived to Copacabana just before noon. The first thing we did was purchase our return trip to La Paz for 6:30pm. Next we purchased our boat tickets to go see La Isla del Sol (The Island of the Sun) which was scheduled to leave at 1:30pm and arrive back at Copacabana at 5:30pm. Now we were ready to walk the streets and grab some lunch. There were lots of vendors selling jewelry, small trinkets and clothing and hats.

Grabbing lunch a bit late, we missed the first boat to La Isla del Sol. It wasn’t a big deal though because another boat went ten minutes later. What we didn’t realize was that the boat was as slow as paint drying and it took an hour and a half to get to the island. When we finally arrived, it was already a little past 3pm and the boats were leaving back to Copacabana at 4pm—not much time to do anything on the island.

864_1714.JPGMost people will stay a night on this island or longer to get the full tour experience. This island, La Isla Del Sol, was said to be the place where the Incans believe the sun was born. There were ancient structures on the island and some great history that I didn’t learn about yet.

The second we docked on the island, we sprinted up the stairs to see if we could make it to the top of the island before our return trip was ready. Being that we’re already a million feet of elevation (give or take), running up stairs with a backpack was no easy task. The stairs are narrow so sometimes we were halted by people in front of us going too slow. On the way up to the top, we seen a great variety of hostels on the hard-to-access island.

We made it to nearly the top but had to turn around due to the time. Overall, it was a neat little excursion but we definitely needed more time. We got back on the boat, this time riding on the roof of the boat. An hour and a half later, we arrived back at Copacabana.

We had a few minutes to spare before our bus was departed for La Paz. We finally left Copacabana to the other side of the island. Once again, we hopped on a boat to cross the water while the bus took its own ship.

001_0407.JPGWe got back in the bus and headed for La Paz. We were quite exhausted and needed to make sure we would get enough sleep for tomorrow’s excursion.


    looks sweet from the outside lookin in buds…bitter sweet actually. wish i coulda been there. just got back to BA and found out half the reason it was cool was that i was here wit the homies, buuut just need to get back on my grind with service and all. enjoy, see ya’ll in a few days.

  • DIEGO – I will be in Buenos Aires Friday morning (staying for 10-12 days)!!!

    I will email or facebook you when I arrive…definite reunion time my friend!!

  • Lake gmap link is busted 🙂

  • Found this other cool BA blog to read since you been slackin, may interest you… http://www.tourist2townie.com/

  • @bobie, braaah wish you were here with us… it’s been hekkkka mega crzy but that’s good you’re getting stuff taking care of…

    @leah, nice! yeah let me nose. My friend and I will be back in BA beginning of this week

    @Dave, sorry bro, fast/good internets is difficult to come by in Bolivia. Our Day 40 was so amazing that I don’t want to half-butt because it’s that good and I still need to upload some video footage… you’ll see though… think: “riding bikes on the Deadliest Road in the World”. I have been writing everyday, just not posting. Finally we’re in Santa Cruz at my Aunt’s house who has decent wifi so expect a surge in posts.

    Thanks for the notification on the Google Map and the additional blog. We’ll have 10 days left in BA to kill it.

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