57 Days Abroad

Day 41. La Paz is Somewhat Peaceful

Day 41.

Finally, we had a day to tour La Paz. Our other two days had been spent out of the city (Lake Titicaca y El Camino De La Muerte). Great thing about the Adventure Brew Hostel is their checkout time being 1pm. With this amount of time we were able to accomplish a few things before we even had to checkout.

After our pancakes in the morning, we went to the bus terminal. We were searching for a night bus to Cochabamba. We stumbled upon the El Dorado bus company which had a semi-cama bus leaving La Paz at 11pm and arriving in Cochabamba at 6am. Although, we constantly heard the buses in Bolivia were the worst, the pictures of this bus line seemed decent. We bought our tickets at 90 Bolivian Pesos (about $12.85).

With a few hours to spare before our checkout time, we went back to Sol y Luna to use their WiFi. I had work I needed to do and the WiFi at our hostel did not work. Even though Sol y Luna had WiFi, it was miserably slow, which is standard for Bolivia I’ve come to terms with.


We got back to the hostel, checked out, and put our bags in their storage closet. We took off for the Witch’s Market. On the way there, we found many streets full of vendors for food, clothing and shoes. A few more streets over and were on the Witch’s Market street. There were so many good stores for finding the indigenous apparel like the ponchos, hats, and blankets. We also found carcasses of baby llamas—creepy. We bargained a bit and bought some goods.

In search for WiFi again, we went to a Burger King where I was able to crank some more work out. We stayed there for a couple hours until I couldn’t work more due to the limitations. Leaving BK, we went walking through the main street of La Paz where there were vast amounts of people out and about.

We decided to head up to an English tavern. There, we watched a futbol match, drank beer, ate dinner and killed time until 10pm. After 10pm, we left to pick up our stuff from the hostel and then left to the bus terminal. We arrived a few minutes before our bus left. The bus had definite signs of use but the semi-cama seats were better than the other buses we’ve had in other countries. The seats were quite comfy and resulted in both of us falling asleep quickly—menos mal.


    Sweet pic~

  • sweet disco! def remember that church, buyin socks in the street parallel and hittin up an english pub near there…. back to your roots!!

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