57 Days Abroad

Day 43. You’ll Eat A Lot in Cochabamba

Day 43.

Woke up today to a beautiful view and then my alarm clock. We had plans today to visit my other grandma (my dad’s mom) in the morning. So we got up a little early to go running and break a sweat before our appointment. The altitude seems to affect us here, as we can’t seem to run the same like in Buenos Aires. We got back home, cleaned up and took a taxi to my grandma Bertha’s house.

It was nice seeing my grandma in her new place (The previous times I’ve been to Bolivia, my grandparents have always lived in the house that my dad grew up in. Now they have a different place close to their old house). She was home alone, as my grandpa was in La Paz. We learned he would be returning home later today. At her house, we talked a lot and I showed her pictures from our trip. After a while, we left the house to go eat lunch.

First, we stopped be her old house and then we went to Plaza Colon. After that we went to the Ambassador Hotel to eat at their restaurant. My cousin Monica (one of my Aunt Deborah’s daughters) joined us and we got to catch up on our whereabouts. Lunch went really good and then my cousin had to return to work.

We decided to go La Cancha (a marketplace in Cochabamba). There purchased a few items but it was cool to see this location. Many years ago I had been here so it was nice to see how it is today. After that we went back to my grandma Bertha’s home.

At the house, my aunt Deborah was already inside. It was great seeing her as it’s been since 2001—the last time my family was in Bolivia. We had coffee and talked about our travels and everything else. A few moments later, my grandpa returned to the house from his trip to La Paz. We continued to have more coffee and relate our stories. Around 6pm, Tallon and I needed to return to my other Grandma Teresa’s house to get ready for the meeting. We said our goodbyes to my grandparents as we’re not sure if we’ll see them again before we leave Cochabamba.

We went to the meeting with my Grandma Teresa and we met a lot of the friends. From there, we went with some of the friends that we met last night to eat at a restaurant. We had chicken and fries and fun with everyone. Everyone was very befriending. After that it was nearly 12am so we went home and made plans for tomorrow.

001_0600.JPGBTW the title, You’ll Eat A Lot in Cochabamba, means that Cochabamba is well known for its plentiful food. We seem to always be eating here, which is perfectly fine with us. Regardless of all the food that may be available or eaten here, the people still are in good health.

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