57 Days Abroad

Day 44. Miss You Cochabamba (& the Salteñas)

Day 44.

Third day in Cochabamba and the second day we’ve gone running in the morning. Today we actually jogged to the gym, which surprisingly was decent and organized. After destroying our chest and triceps, we left to get some breakfast at home.

Our next destination was Santa Cruz, Bolivia. We decided to only go by plane to avoid anymore possible roadblocks or external impediments. It turns out that flights our fairly inexpensive and completely vale la pena (are worth it). So today we went downtown to a travel agency to buy our plane tickets. Not only did we purchase our tickets from Cochabamba to Santa Cruz, but also Santa Cruz to Buenos Aires on Monday, the 15th of March.

After we had all our tickets purchased, we left for home to get my grandma. For lunch, we were going to go my great aunt’s house for some salteñas. She also made peach ice cream which was quite tasty. We stayed with my aunt for a couple hours and then she dropped us off at the house.

About that time, we had plans with some of the friends to go for some ice cream and check out a little bit of the city. We went to the Toboggan in Cochabamba. The Toboggan is a giant slide that I had been to 16 years prior with my Tio Mauricio. After destroying our bodies there, we went to have some ice cream and some api at a nearby restaurant.

The friends had a little going-away get-together that night for us. They had folkloric Bolivian music that some of friends knew how to dance to, including my grandma.

It was fun to watch and I even battled one of the guys. We had a great time with everyone. It was very nice of them to do all of this for us. After that, we went home to pack our bags and set our alarm for 4:30am.

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