57 Days Abroad

Day 45. Santa Cruz de la Sierra

Day 45.

My original passage for Day 45 was lost when my laptop and iPhone got stolen. I’ll briefly summarize what I remember.

Because our flight departed to Santa Cruz at 6am, we had to wake up around 4:30am to get to the airport by 5am. We got to the airport, blitzed through security, and landed in Santa Cruz 45 minutes after leaving Cochabamba. Menos mal.

We were greeted by my great aunt and uncle who took us to their house. After a while my grant aunt’s two sons came by and took Tallon and I for a little ride around Santa Cruz. We went to the central plaza, ate (picante) salteña, and drank sumo and mocochinchi.

We arrived back at the house and by that time all the other kids, wives/husbands and grandkids stopped by the house. We had a big lunch and caught up on everything.

After that we headed south west of Santa Cruz to a hotel called Los Cedros to get some good pictures and views.

When we got home Tallon was feeling a bit sick and ended up going to bed a little early. I met up with my uncle Bruno’s wife’s son, who happens to live in Santa Cruz. With a couple of his friends, we had some dinner and went to a couple places for fun.

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