57 Days Abroad

Day 46. Con Cambas Y Collas

Day 46.

My original passage for Day 46 was lost when my laptop and iPhone got stolen. I’ll briefly summarize what I remember.

Got up around 8am today so we could go to the meeting. My great aunt knew where it was and so she dropped us off. We met lots of the friends and got some contact info.

After getting picked up around noon, we went with my great aunt and uncle to eat a restaurant called La Buena Mesa. It was quite good and plentiful. We had a parilla which consisted of steak, pollo, liver, intestines, kidneys, and tounge.

When were finished eating, we headed north of Santa Cruz to a place called La Rinconada, a place for eating and escaping the city. We didn’t eat there but we did try their zip line.

Once we got home, my great aunt’s son and his wife and son stopped by the house to take us to the central plaza and CineCenter. We checked out a bunch local vendors and then had an coffee ice cream.

001_0699.JPGWe got back home around 9pm and made plans to meet up with my cousin Martha for 9:30ish. She came by with a friend and we went to a spot in the Boulevard. We caught on up on everything and told our stories of our travels. As it got late, she took us back to our place and we said our goodbyes.

IMG_0010.JPGBTW the title, Con Cambas Y Collas, is describing the two types of people in Santa Cruz. To my understanding, Cambas are those who were born in Santa Cruz and Collas were born outside of Santa Cruz but live in Santa Cruz. Apparently a lot of conflicts can arise between the two groups as pride and ethnocentrism is involved. Either way I think it’s funny and I tend to ask everyone what they are.

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