57 Days Abroad

Day 47. Robbed in Buenos Aires

Day 47.

With our international flight to Buenos Aires today leaving at 12pm, we were at the Santa Cruz airport by 9:30am. We paid our $25 fee to leave the airport—something we had no idea why but whatever.

Three hours after we departed, we were in Buenos Aires.

Trying to save some money, Tallon and I decided to take the public bus back from the Buenos Aires International Airport (EZE) to downtown. Well that proved to be an expensive loss of time. After two and a half hours on the bus, we still weren´t even close to downtown BsAs. We hopped out the bus at the next stop and took a taxi home. Three hours to get from Santa Cruz to Buenos Aires and three hours to get from the BsAs airport to our house. Muy mal.

After over a week since we seperated ways, it was good to see Bobie back at the crib. The trifecta was back in action. About 7:30 pm we were ready for meeting and took off. After meeting, we eat pizza at some location off Corrientes.

Approaching 1am, we were on our way back to our apartment. Like normal, we entered the foyer of the building and were going up the elevator to our apartment on the second floor. As the elevator doors open, we see that our door is open and the light is on. Many thoughts run through one´s head like “did we forget to shut the door?”, “is someone in our apartment?”, “I’m I going to live to see tomorrow?” etc…

Tallon was first (I think) to enter into the apartment. About that time Bobie does too and says, “The laptops our gone.” Not being fully convinced, I hurry to the desk where my laptop sits waiting for me every morning and every day. Sure enough, it´s gone. Now we all know that we´ve been officially robbed and now need to figure out what else the theives took. We come to find the following items gone:

  • Bobie´s laptop, digital Fuji camera, sunglasses
  • Tallon´s laptop, Nikon SLR digital camera, traveling backpack, perscription glasses, sunglasses, watch,
  • My laptop, iPhone, Samsung Blackjack phone

We got hit big time. Unfortunately, we don´t even know exactly how they entered our place. We don’t know if they jumped on to our balcony, if they had a key to our apartment (as nothing was damaged on the door), or if it was one of our neighbors… So many unanswered questions that can leave a real uneasy feeling.

I got a hold of the building doorman and also called the police. When the police came over, I told what happened and they infomed us about needing to go file our claim at the police station the next day.

The worst part is all the photos that were on the cameras and laptops that are gone forever. The original photos from Tallon´s and Bobie’s camera from our whole trip are lost. But because of this site, I’ve uploaded nearly all the photos (only real issue is the internet quality versus the original raw photo files).

The other really fustrating part is that Bobie and I were doing our work-related tasks on our laptops. He was running his fitness site and I was currently working with over 6 different clients on their online presences. It is not just the physical laptop that is gone but also the programs I use to carry out my work.

Thinking about the whole situation, it´s unfortunately we were within 10 days of leaving South America (except Bobie), we got our valuables stolen.


    Dayum D that sux 🙁 Hopefully something turns up…

  • That suck didaly ucks!

  • dude!!! no bueno! i cant believe they took the blackjack, thats like adding insult to injury! this could be a sign its time to conver to mac though! get at me when you can, i might have a hookup on some laptops for you guys. come home now diego. come home.

  • So sorry you guys got robbed 🙁 That sucks big time! But on a more positive note…let me take this opportunity to say how jealous I am of your guys’ tans!!

  • ugh man!! that’s terrible! sorry to hear it bro!

  • Super weak. Sorry bro’s.

  • OMG i cant believe that happened to you guys! Atleast they werent you lives ya know. All of those things regardless of what was on will be relpaced and can be!! But WOW I think it was insider job!! Sorry guys!!

  • My condolences guys!, sorry ofr that inconvinience! need anything?

  • Wow, I feel so bad for you guys. Lo siento mucho! 🙁 Heads up.

  • Sorry to hear you guys were robbed!

    (also I took that bus home from EZE once… it takes forever!!! And sucks when you have all your luggage…)

    Hope you guys are able to have a great time despite the robbery!

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