57 Days Abroad

Day 48. Time to Disfrutar

Day 48.

Needless to say, today was not the greatest of feelings waking up. We lost a lot yesterday, stuff that can´t be bought again. It´s not worthwhile to think of “What If” scenerios but rather think about the lessons to be learned. Thankgoodness a lot of the work I do is backed up online and a lot of the photos from our trip, at the very least, were uploaded to Picasa online. And thankgoodness for software programs like DropBox and EverNote where a lot of documents and files are autonmatically backed up online. From here on, you can bet I´ll always have my entire harddrives backed up automatically online and my computers password controlled.

Often times I thought the worst thing to happen would be if my harddrive went bad or if someone stole my laptop. Then I´d think that the chances of either of those instances happening are far too miniscule to care to do anything about it. Having it happen has been a reality slap but although I thought it would be unbearable, it´s actually been the opposite. We still have our passports, our credit cards and our lives.

Our lives definitely became more simplier without everything and without the constant fear of someone robbing us of those very things. So now, time has been freed up, other than the times we now need to go to an internet cafe to write this blog or check our emails. We have less then 10 days left in Buenos Aires and we´re going to make them count. On a sidenote, I still love this city regardless of what´s happened and I´m not deterred of living here or recommending visiting it. It´s a sweet city with great culture. Stuff happens anywhere you live.

Today we started by visiting the service company we rented the apartment from. We talked with them and told them what happened. We also did this with the owner of the apartment. To everyone, our case was quite unheard of, as this is an upperscale neighborhood yadda yadda yadda… It definitely does seem like the culprits are close to home, just extremely difficult to pin point. We then went to the police station to file the claim but they told us we needed to go to a different station.

With time free today, we thought we´d check out some spots of Buenos Aires we have yet to do. We live about a 10 peso taxi ride away from a cool/trendy neighborhood called Palermo Hollywood with great little clothing boutiques and local designer anything.  We got dropped off at Plaza Serrano and from there seen what the barrio had to offer. A few hours later, we had some fresh new attire.

As the day got closer to nighttime, we picked up some empanadas and sandwiches for dinner. We headed out and stopped by Niko´s establisment, Isabel B. de Ferari and then another spot before going home.

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