57 Days Abroad

Day 49. Triple-Story Hall Build´ing

Day 49.

The folks at the police station we went to yesterday told us we were at the wrong station. The station handling our case was in a different district and they gave us the directions. So today, we started by going to our newly assigned station. After several minutes of the new police station looking for our case, they did not come up with anything. It was found out that there was a big mix-up and bascially now, we were to go back to the original station we went to yesterday… extremely fustrating and a waste of time. Before going back to the other station though, we went to work at a hall build that is in progress.

The new hall(s) being constructed has three levels and three different halls–the first of its kind in South America. When we arrived, we picked up some hard hats and met up with some of the coordinators. There were many brothers helping out as the goal is to get nearly everything done for the Memorial on March 30th. Tallon and Bobie worked on the ceiling and a couple other tasks and I was assigned to help out with the heating/cooling system.

After a while, we had a break and got to chat with some of the friends. One brother came up and offered us mate, the Argentine Tea. Finally! we got to try mate as the locals do with the yerba and all the equipment.The drink was actually very good and would be a entertaining habit to pick up.

We helped out for a little bit more after the break and then left for the police station. We ended up being at the police station for over three hours, talking with the investigators and making our case. The investigators are actually quite thoroughly over here, which is comforting. When we left, we each had our declaration of what was stolen from us. We´re not sure what will transpire with cops and whether they´ll pursue our case but we´ve done what we could.

Leaving quite late, it was dark out and raining. We went to the Hotel Palermo to eat some dinner. This restaurant has yet to let us down. After dinner we went back to the house.

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