57 Days Abroad

Day 50. El Cementerio de La Recoleta

Day 50.

We got up by 9am today to meet with the group at 10am. Turned out the group wasn´t meeting today but we were already in Plaza Serrano. We decided we´d walk back to the house and see if we´d run into anyone.

One touristy thing we´ve been wanting to do is check out La Recoleta Cemetry (Google Map: La Recoleta Cemetry . We didn´t know much about the place other than everyone seems to talk about how great it is. We figured we would be the judge of that. We took the bus to Junin street and walked up a few blocks. Finally we reached the main entrance and walked in. Wowza! This cemetry was for the richy riches. Eleborate and grandiose tombs lined the aisles. Tombs were made of marble or stone, some with roman columns and statues. Certain tombs were huge enough to have entire families placed in the same tomb. El Cementerio de La Recoleta was definitely worth checking out.

We started walking back in the general direction of where we live. About a million blocks later, we ran in the Alta Palermo mall. This mall is one of the biggest in Buenos Aires and the stores are decent. After a couple hours at the mall, we continued walking home. For dinner, we ate with some friends and then we did our own thing.


    You ATE some friends??? Tell Talon and Bobbie “Hi” from the Brewers. Have enjoyed reading your blog. Sorry your stuff got stolen!!

  • opps! haha I´ll fix that

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