57 Days Abroad

Day 52. Carne, Malls y Models

Day 52.

Today we got to go to the infamous parrilla called Las Talas to eat. Our bud Martin came by in his civic and picked us up for lunch. The restaurant is about a 20 minute drive outside of Buenos Aires. Walking in, we saw a big fire pit with half cows and whole pigs getting cooked. We sat down, looked at the different meat cuts, ordered, and 4 minutes later the food was delivered. It was an amazing lunch. This restaurant, solely, is probably responsible for the high intake of meat of Argentines.

After leaving completely stuffed, we went to the UniCenter, Argentina´s biggest shopping mall, to walk off the freshly consumed carne. UniCenter was very comparable to the nice malls in the States. Among the many great things we stumbled upon at the mall, we also stumbled upon the new Adidas Star Wars line of apparel and shoes–pretty cool.

IMG_0018.JPGMartin took us to  Bajo Martinez which is by the river. The spot specifically was called Barracas de Alvear. This has something I´ve been waiting to see for a while. The view of Buenos Aires was really great and the grass and surroundings where amazing. We also had the pleasure of seeing models getting their pictures taken… yeah, awesome. After a while, Martin had to leave so he dropped us off near the bus stop. We took the 152 back home and met up with a couple friends for a drink.

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    Gran vida en la Argentina!!!:)
    La han pasado bien….me encantaron todas las fotos.

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