57 Days Abroad

Day 53. Pizza y Asado For Dinner y Supper

Day 53.

Started out by doing some laundry before meeting. The weather was rainy  with no signs of skies clearing up. We went to meeting in a taxi to try and avoid getting soaked (two of our three umbrellas were stolen).

After meeting we got invited to a friend’s house for some pizza. Once we were there, we tried to watch the Super Classico on the TV (the Super Classico is one of the most popular futbol matches of the year in the Americas).  Unfortunately, due to the heavy rain the game officials stopped the game and postponed it for some other date. Anyways, after a couple of other matches we watched (Messi getting a hat-trick), a few of the folks at the house had pizza made. It was quite tasty. In all, we probably were at this house for 5 hours before leaving. We went home and changed.

Around 11pm, we headed over to a different friend’s house in Belgrano for an asado (BBQ). We had great chatting it up on the rooftop terrace. We ate great and laughed a lot.

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