57 Days Abroad

Day 54. Mate Is Easy For Us

Day 54.

We tried extra hard to be productive today but that did not go so well. Our was to get to Tigre sometime before noon. After everything was said and done, we finally made it to Tigre around 4pm.

IMG_0070.JPGApparently going to Tigre on a Monday is not a good idea because hardly any of the shops are open. Tallon was successful in purchasing a nice Mate and bombilla. We left Tigre by 4:30pm and were back in Buenos Aires 45 minutes later.

When we got home, Tallon prepared mate for the first time. He added the yerba, honey and hot water. For the first go, it was pretty good. The second and third times got better and then we started watching YouTube videos on how to prepare it. Drinking mate is so chill. It’s going to be a fun ritual to partake in.

We went to meeting tonight and Bobie got to do the highlights which was pretty cool. After meeting, we went to Kentucky Pizzeria again to get some deep dish pizza–half Fugezzta and half meat-lovers. The pizza us so massive that i’ll ate one slice. We ended up taking half the pizza home.

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    I want to have some mate. No Homo.

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